Automating Finance: The Wins, the Hardships and the Road Ahead

    Chief Exec Group - Automating Finance


    Whether it’s used for reducing human error, boosting productivity or driving down costs, automation is redefining how finance teams perform.


    In this finance automation report, you'll learn: 

    1. CFOs’ involvement in technology implementation is on the rise.
    2. Gaining efficiency is the top driver of automating finance, well ahead of cost savings and risk mitigation.
    3. Most companies haven’t completed their finance automation journey, with only 28 and 27 percent having fully automated payroll and expense reporting.
    4. The biggest challenges faced in the process: communicating with other organizational systems and pushing through legacy systems.
    5. Two-thirds of CFOs report positive ROI from their automation so far.


    Download your copy to read the full report.


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