Travel Policy Template

    A clearly defined expense policy eliminates confusion and fraud.

    When building your policy, remember it exists to keep spending at a level that’s right for your business. To eliminate confusion, provide examples of allowable and non-allowable expenses.

    Setting these clear guidelines is the first part of creating a (nearly) foolproof policy. The second part is communicating and implementing it. 

    A few tips for a successful policy:

    • Involve stakeholders in the process—striking a balance across their varying needs increases your chances of adoption and better serves your business as a whole

    • Keep it updated—if you haven’t updated your policy in two years or old, it’s probably outdated

    • Don’t be too vague—employees’ varied backgrounds and values can lead to drastically different interpretations of a vague policy

    • But still keep it simple—the longer and more nuanced your document, the more likely employees are to skim over it or ignore it all together

    Download and customize TravelBank's white-labeled travel and expense policy.


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